Cryogenic Labels

Cryogenic labels are designed to withstand the extreme temperatures of cryopreservation.

They are perfect for long-term storage of containers in liquid and vapor phase liquid nitrogen (-196°C/-321°F), laboratory freezers (-40°C/-40°F, -80°C/-112°F, -120°C/-184°F), and transportation on dry ice.

Many types of cryo labels are available, depending on the desired use and application surface. This includes cryo labels specially designed for:

  • Tubes, vials, and boxes
  • Tube and vial caps
  • Frozen surfaces
  • Microplates
  • IVF straws
  • PCR tubes
  • Metal racks
  • Cryo storage canes


These labels are compatible with several types of printers:

  • Thermal-transfer
  • Direct thermal
  • Inkjet
  • Laser
  • DYMO
  • Automated printers

Provided with either a permanent or removable adhesive, in white, transparent or assorted colors, the labels are available as tamper-evident, destructible, blackout, piggyback, or wrap-around labels.