How to Calibrate Your Printer

Printer calibration is a simple but important process that ensures your printed labels line-up correctly on the paper, reducing waste and lost time.

Here’s how to calibrate the different printer models we currently provide.



Calibrate the printer by pressing and holding the button located on the back right of the printer until the LED lights flash red; then release the button and the printer will now calibrate.

After going through the calibration process, you can press the feed button to make sure it is correctly calibrated as the printer should feed only one label at a time.



With the printer powered up, hold down the feed button until you get a two-flash sequence (the light will flash once, the twice) from the status light, then release the feed button.

You can then press the feed button to ensure only one label at a time comes out, indicating the printer is correctly calibrated.



In the administrator’s label positioning tab, under “index settings”, select the appropriate indexing method for your labels. Click apply, save, and then calibrate to perform the calibration. You should receive a “successful” status message.

If calibration was successful, pressing the Feed button will eject only one label at a time.